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The numbers speak.  According to Payscale, 80% of jobs aren’t advertised.  This is why you’ll hear career strategists like myself preaching about the importance of networking.  But let’s remember, this means that 20% of jobs are advertised so you should be spending about 20% of your time applying for work online.

Recently, one of my clients found and applied for job online without knowing anyone at the company and he actually got it!  We got together to celebrate and I asked him if he regretted putting together a networking plan and spending so much of his time networking.  He replied “Absolutely not!”  When I asked him why he went on to explain that applying for work on line his one day a week was long enough.  He needed something else to do the rest of the week to help with his self confidence and keep him in the loop with what was going on out in the industry.  He also said that by following my approach, it will benefit him the rest of his career so he was glad he spent the time getting out there.

Although it’s important to have a targeted, focused approach to your job search, remember you also want to spend time looking for work online. This means having a polished, professional resume & cover letter.

If you could would benefit with revamping your resume & cover letter, contact me directly.  You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your career.