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Mapping, Sourcing & HR Consulting

We can help your company with mapping and sourcing your senior technical, critical or difficult to fill positions, implement internal Sourcing Strategies on your Recruitment team, Outplacement, Exit Interviews or Reference Checks.  Find out how we can help your business.

Resume and Cover Letter Reviews

Get advice from employment experts on resume and cover letter writing that will increase your chances of landing your next career advancement.

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Contingent Recruitment

Our unique approach helps to ensure you get the right candidates for every role. We use a a unique mapping and sourcing contingent search model that guarantees top talent. Using our custom method we have successfully sourced roles from administrators to difficult to fill roles all across Canada and the United States.

HR Advisement and Consulting

At Debbie Mastel & Associates, we can help your company with Outplacement, Implementing Internal Sourcing Strategies on your Recruitment team. Take your job fulfillment strategies to the next level and find out how we can help your business.

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What People Are Saying About Debbie Mastel & Associates

Debbie is the most inspirational woman that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Debbie imparts her invaluable recommendations and key industry technical savvy in a concise and informative manner with enthusiasm and flair. I endorse Debbie with passion and confidence to motivate all who seek her talents and skills. Karen Roe

Commercial Operations Specialist

To a prospective jobseeker: if you are packing the talent, Debbie is the one you need to connect with, pronto! She’s the kind who listens to you, remembers your core competencies, takes the time to point out the chinks in your armour, advises you on the Dos and Don’ts, and pitches you to the right people. In short, you are in excellent hands. Sachin Xavier Noronha B.Eng

Supply Chain Management

Debbie is a charming and ebullient woman. She gave me all the tools and time I needed to kick-start my own focused pathway into what I wanted to achieve. Perhaps the most endearing thing, outside of her unbelievably successful professional capacity, is her colorful and wonderful personality is always constant. A true pleasure to work with. Michael Jones

HSE Analyst, Plains Midstream