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I’ve heard people say you need to envision where you want to go and that somehow gets you there.  I’m not a big believer of this…well, I wasn’t until my latest client.  We had just completed her resume & cover letter review and were moving on to her Linkedin profile.  I asked her what she wanted out of her profile and she relied:

I want out of oil

I want out of Calgary

I want a higher level position (she was a Manager)

I want a recruiter to find my profile and contact me 

Pretty big wish list I thought.  This was going to take some time.  A lot of time, especially in this market.  I remained optimistic and we polished up her profile.  Within a few weeks, she was contacted by a recruiter.  He had a VP role in the U.S. for a utilities company that he wondered if she’d be interested in taking a look at.  After flying her down twice for interviews, psychometric testing and extensive reference, I’m happy to announce she has accepted her new role.

If you or someone you know could use some help sprucing up their Linkedin account, contact me directly [email protected].  You owe it to yourself.  You owe it to your career.