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Lately I’ve noticed that individuals are switching industries.  A couple of years ago, people were flocking to the oil & gas industry and now just as quickly, they’re looking to move out.  Does this sound like you?  I’m working with a fellow who is transitioning industries.  We got together to troubleshoot his job search as things weren’t going well.  After chatting for a bit, we realized the issue he was having was that his industry had completely different titles for what his new industry does.  So he was applying for roles that had a similar title to him rather than for the newly identified titles he should’ve been applying to.  

When I worked at Devon, I was mapping and sourcing for a role in Artesia, New Mexico.  At the time, I was looking for an Operator.  What I quickly realized was that they aren’t called Operators in the U.S. but instead are called Pumpers.  If I wouldn’t have been able to identify this at the beginning, it would’ve taken a long time to fill the role.

So get out there and chase your dream, just make sure it’s the right dream.

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